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Kelly KlineKelly Kline
Kelly Kline @
Get ready to watch me jump on my crotch rocket and take you to another place! 🙂 I’m Kelly Kline, and today I made a special hand job video just for you! The only place you can see it is here at ManoJob! Like my bike? Like my bod? Like the way I talk dirty to you? You will when you watch me in action!! I’m so naughty in this scene, I know you’re gonna love it!! You should see the mess the guy I jerked off made all over my beautiful titties. I mean all over! So enjoy boys! XOXO – Kelly Kline
Kelly KlineKelly Kline

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Alexa Von Tess
Alexa Von Tess @
You know what happens when you tease a boy? Well, they get really frustrated. They act like they enjoy the teasing, and I think for a while they do…then, when their balls back up and feel heavy, things change quick. You should see my scene for Manojob. It’s a really good one. See, I tease the big dick I worked with today…teased it silly. I pretended like I was going to blow it. Then I wouldn’t. Then I pretended like I was going to fuck it. But of course I didn’t. Know what happens when you keep that sort of thing up? Well, the balls get so heavy, and the cock gets so sensitive, that an explosion is bound to happen. And explosion you see here. What a massive load. It sprayed everywhere. Enjoy! I know I did. XOXOX – Alexa

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Hailey PageHailey Page
Hailey Page @
Hi Guys! Ever think a handjob could cure one of your illnesses? Even if it was severe? Even, like, wheelchair severe?? Oh, sure, I know what you’re thinking – cheezy porno shit – but hey, why not? I mean what’s wrong with a little fun during your wank time? Oh, BTW, I’m Hailey Page, and today I beat a huge dick, until the man who supports that huge dick gets all better. Now, when I say it’s huge, I’m talking double-digits huge. You’ll be amazed to watch as it grows in my hands. Wait till you see the load it dumps, too. What a mess! But I loved ever minute of it…after, I care about people, and like making them feel all better…. ; – ) XOXO
Hailey PageHailey Page

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Ryan Starr
Ryan Starr @
Hi, I’m Ryan. There are a few things I like in life. Tattoos, punk rock and sex. Any sex. I even consider handjobs sex because, well they turn me on and get me off. That’s the whole point of sex right? Yes! I know I’m right. I got a chance to make a guy get off with my hands so I did it. I am just crazy like that I guess you can say. I’ll do anything. And when the camera guy asked if this lucky guy could unload on my pretty face, I just laughed and asked, where else do you think I would want it. – Ryan

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Chelsea RaeChelsea Rae
Chelsea Rae @
My name is Chelsea Rae and I’m the newest girl on I don’t like to write, so I’m not saying much. I stroke a big dick and they took video and pictures of me doing it. I jacked it off til the guy came all over me. Then, they asked that I eat it. I needed to make my money, so I ate it. Gross. I also talked like a filthy fucking whore the whole entire time. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t find out, or I’m screwed. 🙁 Chelsea Rae
Chelsea RaeChelsea Rae

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Roxxy West
Roxxy West @
Roxxy West. That’s my name. Don’t wear it out! HAHAHA. I’m such a dork. Well, what do you expect from a small town girl? I just got into Los Angeles, right off the bus, and right into a porno studio, where I jacked off a huge black dick. I mean it’s huge. And the funny thing is as it got harder, it kept growing, and it never seemed to stop! Doing a handjob scene for my first scene was a cinch, cause I used to give lotsa "handies" – at school, at parties, in parks, in the woods…everywhere! I love jacking a dick, especially if I don’t know the guy – or just met him. I love jacking a dick till it makes a big ol’ mess, and you should see what this guy did today. He made a mess on a plate and I cleaned it off…with my tounge! Talk about WOW! Wait til you see it.

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Kaci StarrKaci Starr
Kaci Starr @
Hello Everyone! My name is Kaci Starr. I am today’s update for As you know, this is a handjob site, and that’s exactly what I do today. I stroke a big, fat dick, till it erupts directly into my mouth. Stroking cock is a great thing, and I do it well. The guy I stroked was a little weird though, and he loved it when I stroked his dick, and he really loved it when I talked like I was having phone sex with him. In fact, he stroked himself cause he loved my dirty talk so much. I was about to grab his cock and finish him, but he got *so* excited he blasted off himself. The cameraman even got pissed!! I was supposed to finish him!! Oh well!! It was a huge wad, too!! And it went right into my mouth with such force I choked on it a bit, then gagged, then ran to the wastebasket cause I thought I was gonna hurl. LOL. Oh well. It was fun. You’re gonna love watching me take this hugh-mungo load!!
Kaci StarrKaci Starr

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Desire Moore
Desire Moore @
Um, let’s see. Where do I start? I’m not a very good writer, but one of the things I had to do if I took this job is write a little about that I did. So, with that said, my name is Desire Moore, and I’m a handjob slut. Which means I’ll give just about anyone a handjob if they buy me a drink. Or a nice dinner. Or if I’m at a bar, and I see a cute guy…I’ll jerk him if he asks. To me, a handie isn’t a big deal, in a sense. I mean it’s not like fuckin’ or suckin’. So I’ll do it to just about anyone. In fact, anyone at all! It’s kinda fun to watch a dude squirm around as I pound his meat. Today this big-dicked motherfucker let me jack him till he blew a wad in my hand…then, I ate it. Simple as that, so check me out!! You’ll be happy you did!!!

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Sweet KaylaSweet Kayla
Sweet Kayla @
My name is Kayla and today I got a job giving a guy a handjob for I don’t have a lot to say. I jerk a big dick until it squirts all over the place. I love giving handjobs, and I’ve done it for a long, long time. It’s fun to use my hands to pleasure someone. I love stroking a thick shaft while I massage and tickle his balls. You should see this one blast all over the place. I’m such a mess by the end of this it’s sick! LOL. Anyways, check me out. I know you’re going to love it!!! XOXO – Kayla
Sweet KaylaSweet Kayla

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Dylon Lake
Dylon Lake @
I’m no pornstar…and I’ve never really even posed for that many pictures! But here I am, stroking a dick for! HAHAHA. Hi! I’m Dylon Lake and somehow, someone talked me into trying out this whole porno gig. LOL. It’s actually pretty fun! I dunno if giving a handie is really "porno", but I guess maybe it is. Anyway, I love giving handjobs. There’s something about stroking off a nice, big, hard dick that makes my pussy tingle. I showed up for the job and the guy was actually decent! And he had a big fattie. I tug it and pull it and make it go boom right in my mouth. Then guess what I do? Well, most of it got in my mouth, but it was such a humongo load that some of it flew all over my face. Shit, some of it flew all over the sofa behind me! HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I ate every drop that went in my mouth, cause I roll like that.

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