Gianna & KylieGianna & Kylie
Gianna & Kylie @
The girls wanted me to write this, because right after both of them jerked their men off, they were off…to the nightclub to go dancing! Anyway, there’s nothing better than a double guy jerk session, and this update features super-hottie Gianna and her pal Kylie jerking off two of the biggest dongs you’ve seen in your life. Both girls talk like filthy tramps as they milk their cocks dry. Kylie takes her load directly into her mouth — and then she swallows. Gianna jerks her man until he sprays her gigantic tits down with sperm. What a scene!

Gianna & KylieGianna & Kylie

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Veronica Jett
Veronica Jett @
My name is Veronica Jett and I’m this week’s Mano Job update. I’m 22 and I’m from Brownsville, Texas. I got hired to jerk a guy until he shoots his load. They chose to have him shoot it all over my face. He did that, and more. I also talk dirty throughout this video while the guy kept his mouth shut. I guess they do this for almost all the scenes on the site. That’s a good idea. I mean I don’t wanna hear a guy talk. I’d rather talk dirty to you! I know you’ll like my scene. Besos y abrazos! XXX OOO Veronica

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Jacky Joy Once MoreJacky Joy Once More
Jacky Joy Once More @
Heya Guys! I’m back!! I’m Jacky Joy, and I did a Manojob about 6 months ago. Maybe more. Do you like my new hair color? Anyways, last time I was here I jerked a huge dick until it coated my boobies with sperm. Today I’m back for more. Much more! What is it about Manojob and huge dicks?! I mean I thought the last one I jerked was big! My goodness! This dick is like the biggest one I’ve ever seen! Big and black!! I do my best to talk dirty to you while I stroke it off. I guess I did a good job, cause at the end, while he was standing over me and I was stoking, he shot a giant wad all over my face, shoulders, hair, tits, and legs! OMG!! It was a crazy load! HAHAHA. I’m sure it’ll get you off watching him get off all over me. XOXO Jacky
Jacky Joy Once MoreJacky Joy Once More

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Mackenzie Wilson
Mackenzie Wilson @
They say the third time’s a charm, so I’m back again, at Manojob, to jerk another dick! I dunno what more to say! You gotta watch my newest scene though! I love talking dirty to the camera, and not having the annoying cameraman thing happen. You know…when the cameraman talks, and tries to be funny, and all that? Not at Manojob! This is the site where the dicks are silent, and the girls are here to talk dirty to you while we stroke them off! This one makes a huge mess all over my sweet little face! I mean it goes everywhere! I think this is my best scene of them all! XOXO – Mak!

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Adrianna NicoleAdrianna Nicole
Adrianna Nicole @
When I turned 18 I was walking in the park when a man asked if I’d like to watch him beat off. For some reason I wasn’t scared of him. In fact, it turned me on. I told him to beat off for me, and he did. I’ve loved handjobs ever since then. Go figure. I have no explanation why, but there’s something about long stroking a big dick that makes my pussy really, really wet. I love to milk dick. The bigger the better. I don’t think they get much bigger than the one I milk today for Manojob. I go for distance today on the cum shot, too. My big black dick doesn’t disappoint; the jizz goes all over the place. Wait until you see it. Mwah. A.N.
Adrianna NicoleAdrianna Nicole

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Honey Dujour
Honey Dujour @
Oh my god you guys! I can’t believe I did this! It’s so crazy I giggle the whole way through! By the way, my name is Honey, and I’m barely-legal. I still have my braces. I cannot even believe what I did. I jerk a total stranger off or this website – Totally insane. I think cause his dick was so big. Seriously, it was like 10 or 11 inches long. And black. What a crazy thing to do! Know what was the craziest? When I made him squirt all over the place. Ewww! Why all over my face? Why do all pornos end this way? All I know I turned into a cum faced slut, that’s for sure. Now I just hope and pray my old friends never see this, or I’m so getting teased. MWAH! Honey

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Naomi St ClaireNaomi St Claire
Naomi St Claire @
My name is Naomi St. Claire. I am what you’d probably call a barely-legal. I have a tight, tight body, and it’s so firm all over you’d never believe it…unless you touched it. The cameraman today said he could bounce a feather off my ass, and that made me laugh. Anyways, today I jacked off one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen in my life. I tell naughty stories, too. Then, I make the guy cum. All from the use of my hand! XOXO – Naomi
Naomi St ClaireNaomi St Claire

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Kinzy Jo
Kinzy Jo @
Hey Yo! It’s Kinzy Jo! Hey, I just rhymed! HAHA. Anyways, I’m here at Manojob, cause I love the art of stroking dick. In fact, it’s my job! That’s right, I get paid, honey! And I love it. I especially love stroking a stranger’s dick, but it doesn’t matter to me. If it’s there, I’m jerking it. Today I pull a nice load out of a dick right into a bowl. Do you think I let it go to waste? Hell no! Thank goodness I bought a straw to the set today! Cause I pull it out and suck all that beautiful sperm up into my mouth and swallow it. YUM!

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Lorilei LeeLorilei Lee
Lorilei Lee @
Hi Guys! I’m Lorilei, I’m a huge cocktease, and I’m the newest addition to! I hope you like a good tease from time to time, cause that’s what I do today — that and jerk a big black dick. I do it two ways: one with my hands, and the other with my feet! This guy loved having not only my oily hands rub his fat dick, but my feet as well! It was so hot working out his big load while I talked like a filthy whore. Hot. I pulled that load out, too…all on my own!
Lorilei LeeLorilei Lee

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Presley Preston
Presley Preston @
Dear Manojob Members: Say hello to Native American MILF hottie Presely! WARNING: This is not Presley Preston. We usually have the girls write, but Presley’s so new to this game she didn’t feel comfortable writing to you. She isn’t a porn star. This is her very first time ever doing something naughty in front of a camera. She couldn’t even really talk dirty during the movie, cause she was so embarrassed! This might be a bad thing, for some of you, because you love it at Manojob when the girls talk directly to you and you can’t hear a dude’s voice anywhere. Like phone sex, only you get to watch the girl jack a dick. However, you guys might love seeing a true amateur. A true first timer. Someone who’s never, ever, posed naked in front of a camera…let alone jerk a big dick off until it makes spewey directly into her beautiful Native American MILF face.

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