In the early 90’s I worked at a fast food restaurant. Dan Jones and his wife Joan owned the business and they managed it together. Dan was the big cheese, the man in charge. He handled all the paperwork and payroll and shit like that. He was gone a lot but, when he was there, he worked the line just like the rest of us. He was talented, explosive and brutally frank at times, but we all respected and admired him. He never asked anybody to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do himself. All in all, Dan was a great guy to work for and I liked him. Later I came to find out that he was a cuckold.

Joan was the assistant manager and handled most of the day to day operations. She was nice looking, sexy, 27 year old workaholic with nice tits, great legs, and, a even greater ass. She flirted sometimes, teased occasionally, and even played eye games now and again, but, it was apparent to everyone that she worshipped the ground her husband walked on. She was a real nice lady, kind and thoughtful and sweet to everyone. Everybody loved her, including the customers. She was so nice that me, and a lot of other guys who lusted after her like I did, felt guilty about even thinking of her in that way. It didn’t stop us from wanting to fuck her but it did stop us trying anything. I knew she liked me but I never thought she liked me, or would she wasnt me to make her husband a cuckold. the way I liked her so I kept my desires to myself, eyeballing her and lusting for her when I had the chance but never anything overt or offensive. I was polite and respectful. I made her laugh when I could. I called her Mrs Jones when I spoke to her and never did anything to give her any idea that I wanted to fuck her brains out.


After they sold the restaurant in the mid-90’s, I lost track of them and didn’t see either of them again until 8 years later. Actually it was her I saw, walking on the downtown shopping mall. I didn’t approach her, but seeing her re-awakened my long standing desire for her. I followed her, watching her beautiful ass undulate down the mall, fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck her. If anything she looked even better than I remembered. I was on the verge of approaching her when she turned into the furniture store where she worked and disappeared from sight. I watched the store for awhile, wondering if I should go in. Finally, I did.

She was behind the sales counter and when she saw me, she remembered me right way. She was both surprised and delighted, giving me a big hug and asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing now and what had been going on in my life since she saw me last. We talked for a few minutes and then they got busy and she had to take care of business. She said how glad she was to see me, that she couldn’t wait to tell Dan, and, since I knew where she was, not to be stranger anymore. Then she returned to her duties and I left, with a half hard cock and the same aching desire to fuck her I had back in the restaurant days. I had the same hesitance, too. When we talked, the way she lit up every time she mentioned Dan, I knew she was still crazy about him, and just like the old days I felt guilty about lusting for her the way I did.


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