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Savannah SaavadraSavannah Saavadra
Savannah Saavadra @
Hey guys. My name is Savannah and I am the newest girl at I am not too sure what I should write, I mean how much is there to it? I like sex, and I like handies. So I jump on the chance on getting a guy off. I also like doing it in public. You know, the club, the bars, and I even hooked up in an airplane bathroom! That was hot. Anyway, we go out to the desert, on the side of the road, and just give this guy a handjob. With cars driving by and everything. I kinda wanted to get caught, but I think the guy was more scared about that than I was. Well, have fun, and if you see me at the club, maybe I will hook you up too.
XOXO – Savannah Saavedra
Savannah SaavadraSavannah Saavadra

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Jacky Joy
Jacky Joy @
I’m Jacky Joy, and I’m new to the whole porno game. I go to a big school on the east coast. From time to time I strip. I make good money stripping. Lots of guys like to pay me to show my tits off. I also strip at those all-nude bars, so they see my tight little hole, too. It’s shaved. Then, I decided to make even more money, so I came out west and have done some adult movies. That’s how Manojob found me. So today I jack off 11 inches of man-meat until he cums all over my beautiful tits. I sure did earn my money! XOXO – Jacky

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Kitty @
Hi Guys! My name’s Kitty, and I’m 21 years old. You might have seen me around before. I did some porno from the time I was 18 till about last year, then I took some time off. I’m back! And today I tell this funny story while I give you a handjob. But first I get naked. I stroke a big fat cock until I make it explode all over my chest. It was pretty fun!

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Savannah Stern
Savannah Stern @
Hey Everyone! It’s Savannah Stern. I think I now qualify as a porn star. I did porn once, then quit, and now I’m back. I’ve been on a lot of sites, and today, on Manojob, I trash talk while stroking a big fat dick until it shoots a load. I really like my job, and I hope you like what I did. I get naked and jerk it. Then I play with my pussy and jerk it. I jerk it fast, and I jerk it slow. Then it pops! Enjoy boys!!!

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Sonya LopezSonya Lopez
Sonya Lopez @
Buenos Dios Muchachos! Mi nombre es Sonya Lopez! I am from Spain! I live America now, but I miss home. I am also a very, very bad girl. I like being naughty. It’s better than being nice! Today I speak Spanish and English while I play with a big dick. I do it while they took pictures of me. And a movie. I talk like a whore and make a dick squirt all over my pretty face. It was a big load, too! Shit, if that load went inside me, I’d be pregnant! 🙂 Have fun watching me be oh so naughty!!!
Sonya LopezSonya Lopez

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Ruby Marie
Ruby Marie @
Hi Boys! My name is Ruby Marie, and I’m the naughty girl next store…the girl you think isn’t naughty. That’s always been my secret, for a very long time. In school, everywhere! Boys think I’m the "nice" girl. For example, I’m studying to be a Doctor. And when I’m in med school, everyone thinks I earn my money working hard at a corporate entity I can’t name here. Oh sure, I make a little money there, but I make all my money sucking and fucking and stroking big hard dicks, which is what you’re going to see me do in a little while. I talk like a naughty girl, and I act like a naughty girl, cause I am! XOXOXO – Ruby

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Cherry PoppensCherry Poppens
Cherry Poppens @
Hi guys! Well, I dunno what to write. I’m really not a writer. I’m a porn star. I’ve been in a lot of different scenes, and I just shot this one last week! I dunno why I keep getting jobs with big, oversized dicks, but I guess that’s just the biz I’m in. Anyway, I jack off about 11 inches of cock, and after I get nude and keep jacking, I have the guy unload into a martini glass. Then I play with the cum, flipping it around and just checking it out. I guess that’s about it. Oh! I have a red muff. It’s real.
Cherry PoppensCherry Poppens

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Kelly Wells
Kelly Wells @
My name is Kelly Wells and I’m a flithy-mouthed whore. Wait till you hear the things I say in this Manojob update. I talk about turning tricks, cause I love my job. I’m a whore, and I get paid to get guys off, on film and off. Today I stroke a dick until it squirts about a gallon of goo directly into my mouth. Then I gurgle on the cum like a dirty tramp before I swallow it all. Oh! I kinda lied. This guy busted a nut so hard some of it flew over my head, some of it went in my hair, some of it went on my face, and some of it went on my legs, stomach and tits. Whew…that’s a lot of jizz! So enjoy my defiling, you filthy bastards.

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Phoebe @
Well, just like I say, they called me the Queen of Handjobs in school, cause I love to give ’em! Hi! I’m Phoebe, and I’m 18, and I’m the newest girl on Mano means "hand", which to me is kinda funny. Anyway, I grease up my hand with goop and stroke the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life. Holy shit! The guy was huge, and I pulled and stroked till it made spewy all over the place! HAHAHAHA. Well, that’s about it. XOXO – Phoebe

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Riley Mason
Riley Mason @
Hi Guys! My name’s Riley Mason, and I’m the newest girl on I have a funny story for you. So I’m hired to jack a guy off and talk real sexy, and I guess I did just that. He’s a new guy, and he’s never really been in dirty movies before, and he kept having to take "breaks", if you know what I mean. So I got naked, and talked dirty, and started pulling his dick, and it was break time. Start again, then break time. Well, on the next break time, I look at him, and he’s holding his dick, and there’s jizz all over the place! He came!! The cameraman got kinda pissed, but I didn’t care, cause that meant I could jack another dick! Since this was a porno house, there were plenty of guys around, so I pulled on another dick until it made a mess everywhere! LOL. Oh, and I did it with lotsa lube and surgical gloves on. I even made the guy get doggy style to jack him! LOLOLOL. Bye!

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