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Angela is one hot young wife. Her and hubby have only been married a short while. Hubby landed a lucrative job in a nice firm. He gets to spoil her the way she wants. But one day his asshole boss comes in talking about how hot his wife is and his fascination with fucking her. Then it gets worse, hubby’s boss demands a fuck from his wife. Hubby has to become a cuckold?

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What is he going to do? So he approaches his wife about the “proposition”. Angela get pretty pissed off, but just to spite the fact that hubby even asked, she is going to fuck the boss. Not to help the CUCKOLD hubby, but to help her self.

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She is getting pretty tired of hubby’s cock and needs something more. It doesn’t matter who, just as long as it’s infront of hubby. And it looks like Angela gets her wish!

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They always say that redheads are hotter and hornier than most other babes and that sure does apply to Shannon. Not only has she got the perfect body but she’s got a real hunger to try some more cock that just what her loving husband can give her … and she’s really hungry for some black cock. Will her husband let this happen? Will he become… a CUCKOLD?!


Having a huge black cock is something she has wanted to try even before she got married but she’s a good and faithful wife and didn’t want to cheat on Joe. But ever since they have gotten married, the urge to cheat has become harder and harder to resist. Then one day while she and Joe were on holiday Shannon happened to let slip that she’d like to try black cock. Joe, the soon to be cuckold, said he didn’t mind at all! Shannon got the green light!


Joe works in a paper distribution plant. He has a nice office job and makes 6 figures each year. He was trying to figure out where he could find a strong black man to satisfy his wife. Then he remembered… he rushed down stairs to the shipping department and pulled a truck loader named Tyrell aside. “Hey man, you like white bitches”. I’m sure you know the answer to this one. Tyrell agreed to fuck Joe’s wife and make Joe a cuckold for the fist time.


Could you handle the sight of your sexy wife getting reamed and creamed like this?


Kayla is really rather embarrassed, not that she needs to be though. She’s not a “whore” and she really does love her husband, the cuckolds hubby, but she has been curious about other men. Black men in particular. She’s fed his fantasies by letting him have a threesome so now she wants to have her turn and her cuckold husband has arranged it all for her. He works out at a gym in a “bad part of town” and asked one of his gym buddies if he would be interested. Of COURSE he was. Hubby can’t wait till when Kayla sees the size of the cock that she’s going to get. It will be the best gift he can ever get her. A cuckold fantasy that comes true.


Of course that cock is going to do more than just shock her; it’s going to stretch her pussy and ass wider than they’ve ever been stretched before and it’s going to fuck her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. And this busty babe is going to make more noise than she’s ever made before while that big black cock reams her and drives one wild orgasm after another through her hot body. The whole time, her cuck of a husband watches and gets off watching his wife get railed by a huge black cock. That’s the sign of true love. Becoming a cuckold for you wife. That’s the ultimate sign of love. Letting your wife bang another man… especially a well hung black man.


While she’s getting fucked out of her skull her husband is going to be watching and enjoying the sights and the sounds of his wife getting what she has always craved for. But will that really satisfy her craving? If she is like most white females, the answer is no. And she will be begging her hubby to be the cuckold again in the future. And most wives get what they want. I’m sure your wife wants a big black cock too, why not be a real man and let her have one. She will love you more for it!



Ever see a dude who looks like a total douchebag, but he has a total hottie on his arm? I see this all the time. A perfect example of a guy that either has millions of dollars or a huge dick is Angelica’s husband, too bad neither of those are true. We don’t know HOW he scored a babe like Angelica. One look at him and you just know why this babe is consumed with wild fantasies of fucking other guys and why her hubby is destined to be a cuckold hubby.


Angelica saw an ad in her local city magazine that said “make money fast”. Like most hot wives with douchy husbands, she was looking for a way to make ends meet. When she called and spoke to our directors in more detail she was very excited. She could make money fast, and get to have sex with a total opposite of her hubby… a good looking, well hung BLACK MAN! So of course Angelica accepted the offer and her husband was ready to be a cuckold.


Poor Julius, I don’t think he quite knew what he was agreeing to when he agreed to let Angelica get boned by our man and his monster black meat. It’s funny how the money can seem like a great idea to some guys until their lady wraps her lips around some other guy’s cock. But Julius did a nice job, it takes a very special guy to be able to watch his wife get fucked by someone with assets he himself does not, nor ever will, possess. So kudos to Julius too, a cuckold that finally did something to help out his wife. Now she knows what black cock tastes and feels like and Julius is a cuck boy.


Just like 99% of the women out there, Tiffany has always wanted to get a taste of a big BLACK dick. Tiffany is married. It’s not a gimmick either. Her and Dallas exchanged vows and swore themselves to each other. Until now. Although Dallas agreed to let Tiffany fulfill her fantasy, he is starting to get second thoughts. Just like and sissy cuckold would. It’s tough for him to can see his sexy wife sitting beside a big black stud… there’s just a hint of jealousy creeping into his mind.

But since Dallas already agreed, he’s sort of stuck in a situation. Should he go through and let his wife experience the power of black cock, or should he say no now and risk losing his wife forever? With their wedding anniversary coming up, and not yet having bought a present he uses this fantasy as his gift to her. It will be the best present she’s ever had. And Dallas will get to be the sissy cuck boy he never thought he would be!


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