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It looks like not many of you enjoyed the last past I did. I know it wasn’t a cuckold site, but I thought it would atleast spark some interest. But that’s ok. I understand. Back to the classics… back to Candy Monroe.

I found some really great pics for Candy cuckolding her sugar daddy. She ties him up, and makes a phone call to the ever large, ever black… John E Depth. I’m sure you already know that John is packing about 11″ of black cock. This is what Candy needs to get her off.

Candy Preps Her Cuckold

Getting off will be easy for Candy, especially because she brought her black lover Jon over for some fun. And since Candy’s white cuckold boyfriend is tied up and blindfolded, he can’t see what’s going on anyway. But I’m guessing he can still hear what’s going on. When Jon E Depth is fucking a white girl, said white girl will be making some noise. Speaking of getting fucked, how about some visuals of Candy Monroe getting fucked while the CUCKOLD is humiliated, and can’t even see what’s going on LOL!

The cuckold can\'t see!

Yah, Jon E. is a lucky man. Why lucky you say? Well a couple of reasons. A. he’s black which leads me to B. he’s got a huge black dick. And every white girls wants to be fucked by a big black dick of course. I’m sure Jon is also feeling like more of a man because the white sissy cuckold has to standby blond and listen to his white girlfriend get filled out by black monster dick. The cuckold will get a chance to take off the blind fold and do something very very special. What is it that he gets to do? Just take a look…

Black Cum Eating Cuckold

What’s that? Don’t think this is real? Well my friends, I have seen the footage and it’s as real as can be. And it happens almost every night some where out there in this crazy world. And you may not understand what’s going on, or want to understand it. But if you’re into cuckolds, then not only do you understand it, you love it. Just check out the clip here.

Black Cum in a White Cuckold\'s Face



So I have been surfing the members area of this site since I joined a few weeks ago and man do I love it more and more. Candy Monroe is seriously one hot momma. She has style. I don’t think that she’s “porn star” hot. I think she’s hot on a whole different level. Her pinup girl look. Her non-anorexic, natural REAL self look is something I go ga-ga over. But enough about what I like. I know you came here to see Candy cuckold another white boy and guess what? She delivers. I am going to make this a short one cause I think if you are a big cuckold fan you need to check this site out for your self right now. Stop reading my blog and go to NOW. After Candy takes it in every hole from a 11″ black bull cock, she takes his giant black load right onto her all natural tits. They’re covered. And instead of opening the pantry door to wipe off with paper towels, or wet naps or whatever, she open a secret door where she keeps her black cum mop. What’s a black cum mop you ask? Well, how about her white boyfriend Billy. This little cucky boy is wearing a diaper cause he’s so weak. Candy opens the door, let’s him out and then does the unthinkable. She uses his face as a black cum mop. She smears it all over her cum covered tits until poor cuckold Billy’s face is full of jizz. And you can tell by the look on his face he’s not happy. But by the look on Candy’s face, she doesn’t give a fuck! Enjoy!


Wow, I am addicted to Candy, that’s all I can say. The cuckold movies on her site are some of the best that I have seen made. And I have paid for member ships to a lot of cuckold sites in my day. So today, I grabbed a couple pictures from the secret members area of and put them here on my site. These movies start out with Candy talking leisurely walk with her boyfriend down the streets of her home town. Her and her man walk past a couple of ghetto looking brothers, prolly from the wrong side of the tracks, and of course, Candy is drooling over them. So much so, that Candy’s white boyfriend doesn’t even notice that Candy has stopped to check out the guys as he continues to walk to the ice cream shop. He finally figures out he’s by himself and turns around to see her talking to the colored fellas.

012.jpg 022.jpg

So Candy talks these guys into coming back to her place so she can take care of them like a good black cock slut. But what is she to do with her white boyfriend? Why make him the cuckold of course. So as these 2 ghetto thugs take turns invading every hole that Candy calls her own, the cuckold just sits and watches, listens and absorbs everything that is going on. He starts getting off on the sound of his white girlfriend getting filled out by black studs. Something every cuckold man would be excited over. Meanwhile, the black guys are ravaging Candy.

032.jpg 042.jpg

Finally we get to the good part. The black guys are about to cum. They each take turns dumping gallons of black seed all over her pretty white face and the boyfriend is watching in amazement. After Candy is all covered in black cum, she needs to be cleaned up. “Oh Cuck Boy! Come clean my face”. Does he reach for a wet nap, a napkin or atleast use his hand to wipe off the black seed from his darling’s face? Of course not. He uses the tool he was intended to use. His mouth. He begins to kiss her cum covered face, and slurping the cum up like a good little cuck boy. All I can say is A+++ DogFart!


Candy Monroe and White Cuckold

The boys over at DogFart have started up a brand new site. As you well know, all of their sites are interracial themed. is an interracial site forsure, but it’s an interracial cuckold site. So the fans of my blog will be extra excited to see this one. Candy is one tough cookie. She dominates all her submissive cuckold loser boys that want to be with her. She know they can’t satisfy her thirst for big cock, but she likes to tease them. She like to make them watch her have sex with well hung black men. And she takes on some of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen.

Candy Monroe looking hot

This scene shows her with an older white male, obviously playing the part of the cuckold, who worships the ground Candy Monroe walks on. She of course doesn’t give a shit about his tiny white cock so she brings in a big black dick to fuck her while the white cuckolds watches and gets humiliated. I know this, Candy Monroe is one hot piece of ass. I would be her submissive cuckold any time. Good work DogFart. Another winning site.



In the early 90’s I worked at a fast food restaurant. Dan Jones and his wife Joan owned the business and they managed it together. Dan was the big cheese, the man in charge. He handled all the paperwork and payroll and shit like that. He was gone a lot but, when he was there, he worked the line just like the rest of us. He was talented, explosive and brutally frank at times, but we all respected and admired him. He never asked anybody to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do himself. All in all, Dan was a great guy to work for and I liked him. Later I came to find out that he was a cuckold.

Joan was the assistant manager and handled most of the day to day operations. She was nice looking, sexy, 27 year old workaholic with nice tits, great legs, and, a even greater ass. She flirted sometimes, teased occasionally, and even played eye games now and again, but, it was apparent to everyone that she worshipped the ground her husband walked on. She was a real nice lady, kind and thoughtful and sweet to everyone. Everybody loved her, including the customers. She was so nice that me, and a lot of other guys who lusted after her like I did, felt guilty about even thinking of her in that way. It didn’t stop us from wanting to fuck her but it did stop us trying anything. I knew she liked me but I never thought she liked me, or would she wasnt me to make her husband a cuckold. the way I liked her so I kept my desires to myself, eyeballing her and lusting for her when I had the chance but never anything overt or offensive. I was polite and respectful. I made her laugh when I could. I called her Mrs Jones when I spoke to her and never did anything to give her any idea that I wanted to fuck her brains out.


After they sold the restaurant in the mid-90’s, I lost track of them and didn’t see either of them again until 8 years later. Actually it was her I saw, walking on the downtown shopping mall. I didn’t approach her, but seeing her re-awakened my long standing desire for her. I followed her, watching her beautiful ass undulate down the mall, fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck her. If anything she looked even better than I remembered. I was on the verge of approaching her when she turned into the furniture store where she worked and disappeared from sight. I watched the store for awhile, wondering if I should go in. Finally, I did.

She was behind the sales counter and when she saw me, she remembered me right way. She was both surprised and delighted, giving me a big hug and asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing now and what had been going on in my life since she saw me last. We talked for a few minutes and then they got busy and she had to take care of business. She said how glad she was to see me, that she couldn’t wait to tell Dan, and, since I knew where she was, not to be stranger anymore. Then she returned to her duties and I left, with a half hard cock and the same aching desire to fuck her I had back in the restaurant days. I had the same hesitance, too. When we talked, the way she lit up every time she mentioned Dan, I knew she was still crazy about him, and just like the old days I felt guilty about lusting for her the way I did.


More Cuckold Pictures

Crystal Heart Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart @
Holy Shit Crystal Heart is a Black Cock Slut. In fact, if you go get a dictionary and look up "black cock slut" you’ll see a picture of Crystal Whore. Crystal Slut. Crystal Slut 4 Black Dick. I have the Mighty Black Man over, and what a Bull he turned out to be! So thick and long poor Crystal’s tight-from-only-fucking-the-white-man pussy almost breaks in two. I mean this is a total white pussy stretch session. Crystal wailed so loud I got nervous the neighbors might call 911. They should have, too…cause by the end of this session, Crystal’s vagina was as close to wrecked as a white girl’s pussy can get. Stretched to the point that when she goes back to the White Man, he’ll know her pussy‘s loose. Loose from The Black Man. Poor White Man. Praise Black Dick! MWAH!!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Crystal Heart Crystal Heart

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Trina Trina
Trina @
Some whores don’t need to be "converted" into black cock sluts. Take Trina Michaels, for example. She’s been a BCS since I have, I think! Maybe longer! Trina’s a total whore, and she’s a size queen, too. I love watching Trina’s over-sized fun bags bounce up and down while she’s bouncing on the black dick. What a site! I sit back and play with my twat while Trina take LT’s giant dong in her pussy. What’s next? Trina’s ass! Shoot…even my ass isn’t ready for that sort of thing! But super-slut Trina’s sure is! XOXO – Ruthie.

Trina Trina

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Alicia Allighatti Alicia Allighatti
Alicia Allighatti @
Heya Guys! It’s me, Ruth, and you’re gonna luv this week’s update. It features a girl I’m calling Four Eyes Brace Face. Her name is usually Alicia Allighatti, but not for my site. I’m in charge here (duh!) so I have Four Eyes Brace Face over for some black dicking. I hired Sledgehammer today to stretch our pussies out. Who better than Sledge? His black dick is like a 40 ounce can of beer, and it’s so thick it’s been known to stretch a girl’s vagina loose. Way loose. He does that here today, too…to Four Eyes Brace Face, then me. But not before Four Eyes Brace Face licks my butthole clean and gets called all sorts of humiliating names. In the end, Sledge dumps a load of cum, and we swap it back and forth. If you’re a white man, you’re gonna beat your 4 inch dinky to this scene. If you’re a black man, you’re gonna beat your 9 inch dick. Either way, you’re gonna have to clean up after yourself! MWAH to you!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Alicia Allighatti Alicia Allighatti

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Tricia Rey Tricia Rey
Tricia Rey @
Tricia Rey might be catching on now, but we shot this early, early in her career. Way before she started doing black guys. Why do you think she even started taking IR work? Well, cause she came to me, and I converted her! I’m being serious. Gosh she can sure take it, too…not only is she a size queen, but I humiliate this poor girl silly. And she’s only a size queen after leaving my set! HAHAH. Everyone say "Hi" to the leader of the whore parade — Tricia Rey! XOXO – Ruthie.

Tricia Rey Tricia Rey

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Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose
Tiffany Rose @
I’m sure glad you don’t have to pass an IQ test to get into porn, cause if you did, you sure wouldn’t get to watch Tiffany Rose and her tight white snatch get annihilated by new pal, Hooks. Hooks is straight outta Compton, if you get my drift, and he’s quite a character. I think he blew his first load in about 4 seconds after working on Tiffany. He loves the white woman that much! Then, he blasts again, and again, and again…well, you get my drift! In other words, this week’s update is quite a "blast"! HAHAHA. Oh, I love it. XOXO – Ruthie.

Tiffany Rose Tiffany Rose

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