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Now I am not quite sure what this blog is going to end up being. But for now it needs a start. For today, a definition of a cuckold is needed. I am sure many of you have no idea what this term means.

cuckold: A man married to a wife who is unfaithful

This is atleast where the term started. Now it has gone much farther. A man like me enjoys watching his wife being unfaithful. It’s a turn on for me. Most men are not strong enough to handle watching a stranger (many times a black man my wife brings home from a local hip-hop club) make love to their wife. For me, there is nothing better. In this blog I intend to link certain sources on the web which will show you the power of cuckoldry. To show you the dicipline it takes to be a cuckold, and in the end, hopefully convert you to a CUCKOLD!!!