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It looks like not many of you enjoyed the last past I did. I know it wasn’t a cuckold site, but I thought it would atleast spark some interest. But that’s ok. I understand. Back to the classics… back to Candy Monroe.

I found some really great pics for Candy cuckolding her sugar daddy. She ties him up, and makes a phone call to the ever large, ever black… John E Depth. I’m sure you already know that John is packing about 11″ of black cock. This is what Candy needs to get her off.

Candy Preps Her Cuckold

Getting off will be easy for Candy, especially because she brought her black lover Jon over for some fun. And since Candy’s white cuckold boyfriend is tied up and blindfolded, he can’t see what’s going on anyway. But I’m guessing he can still hear what’s going on. When Jon E Depth is fucking a white girl, said white girl will be making some noise. Speaking of getting fucked, how about some visuals of Candy Monroe getting fucked while the CUCKOLD is humiliated, and can’t even see what’s going on LOL!

The cuckold can\'t see!

Yah, Jon E. is a lucky man. Why lucky you say? Well a couple of reasons. A. he’s black which leads me to B. he’s got a huge black dick. And every white girls wants to be fucked by a big black dick of course. I’m sure Jon is also feeling like more of a man because the white sissy cuckold has to standby blond and listen to his white girlfriend get filled out by black monster dick. The cuckold will get a chance to take off the blind fold and do something very very special. What is it that he gets to do? Just take a look…

Black Cum Eating Cuckold

What’s that? Don’t think this is real? Well my friends, I have seen the footage and it’s as real as can be. And it happens almost every night some where out there in this crazy world. And you may not understand what’s going on, or want to understand it. But if you’re into cuckolds, then not only do you understand it, you love it. Just check out the clip here.

Black Cum in a White Cuckold\'s Face


They say change is good right? Not all change, but some change. So I thought I would make a post about a nice little site I found browsing through the net today. And although it isn’t a cuckold site, I think you will still like it. The name of this interracial site is White Curvy Asses. I had never heard of it before today. I never have browsed it, I know nothing about these guys. But the site looks nice. And I don’t mean the design, I mean the content.

At the very top of the free page, I immediately recognize that huge 12″ black dick. It belongs to the famous Mandingo. If you don’t know who he is, besides being retarded, you must be new to the IR porno scene. Mandingo has one of the biggest dicks in the world. His dick is so big that when he gets a boner, all the blood in his body rushes to his black monster dick, and he gets light headed and has even passed out on set. 100% true.

In this post, I am putting the spot light on a very hot red headed sultry gal that goes by the name of Riley Shy. Shy is one thing that Riley isn’t. She has fiery red hair and her carpet matches the drapes if you get my drift. I’m such a sucker for red heads. And again, even though this isn’t a cuckold site per say, when we surfers “surf” the internet for porn, it’s almost as if we’re cucks our selves. Just stick with me on this one for a minute. When I click on a movie and watch it from start to end, it’s like I’m watching 2 people have sex. This isn’t POV stuff, I’m talking about the 3rd person stuff. It’s just like when you’re playing the cuckold in real life. You can’t jump in the action, you don’t get off by fucking your wife, you get off by watching someone else do the deed. We love the feel of being denied, of being left out, of watching some man pleasure our women like we never can. Now sure, it’s a little far fetched, but just try to see it my way.

< CurvyWhiteAsses Riley Shy

So back to Riley and Mandingo and CurveyWhiteAsses blah blah blah… As we can see from this first thumbnail, that Riley is just showing off for a few minutes. And brother, that’s just fine with me. I could watch Riley strip for days.

Riley sucking a black one for

Now we start getting into some action. Now in this particular image, I don’t know who’s dick that is (it’s not mandingo forsure) but it’s might strong. And very black… extra dark if you will. But Riley is somehow managing to fit that black bulls member into her mouth very well. I love watching a huge cock fill out the mouth of a girl. I can’t fill out any girls mouth like that. I sure wish I could though.

Riley takes it from a well hung stud

Things just keep getting better don’t they. Look at riley taking all that black dick. It’s quite a feat. Now picture yourself there. What’s she saying to you. Is she calling you a pussy boy. Is she telling you that she’s being fucked harder than you could ever fuck her. Is she asking why your dick isn’t that big? All of the above? See, it’s just like you are there. And it’s just like you are the cuckold. Now don’t you wish you could just watch Riley’s pussy get filled with hot cum? I got a treat for you!

Watch Riley take a CreamPie

Ah, Candy. I really think your website is the best cuckold site out there. Why you ask? There is more than one reason really. It’s updated all the time. New content for me to jerk off to every week. Next, you’re hot. Not in a dumb porn whore way, but in a pin up girl type of way. Your style is awesome. It’s not fake like a ton of the other girls in the same type of click. I don’t see you wearing Ed Hardy shirts, or Affliction shit. You dig into the racks of good thrift stores and vintage clothing shops and pull out gems.

Enough about that shit though. You’re here to see some porn, not read some gushy blog post. So here is Candy Monroe in the local pool hall in Memphis, TN with her boyfriend. Notice her boyfriend is white. The only reason for that is because she needs someone to bring home for mom and dad to meet. It’s black cock that she really loves.

Candy Monroe looking fineCandy and her White Boyfriend

So her boyfriend is teaching her how to shoot some pool and a dirty south brother walks in to buy some Kools. Candy sees him and loses her mind. So like any black cock whore, Candy starts to flirt with the guy right infront of her boyfriend. You can tell the boyfriend is pretty used to this type of shit cause he doesn’t really get pissed or throw a fit. But maybe that’s because he’s scared of the black dude.

Candy gets on her kneesCandy getting fucked

So after a bit of flirting, Candy drops to her knees and starts to suck off the black bull. Right in a public place too. She loves the taste of his black monster dick so much that she decides she needs to have it inside her white pussy right then! She hikes up her cute little flapper skirt and crams all 10 inches of black dick inside of her. And again, you can tell the white boyfriend is used to this because he just whips out his cock and starts jacking it right there. Candy won’t even tough his puny white dick. Ah… so sad, what a loser!

A face full of cum for candy


So I have been surfing the members area of this site since I joined a few weeks ago and man do I love it more and more. Candy Monroe is seriously one hot momma. She has style. I don’t think that she’s “porn star” hot. I think she’s hot on a whole different level. Her pinup girl look. Her non-anorexic, natural REAL self look is something I go ga-ga over. But enough about what I like. I know you came here to see Candy cuckold another white boy and guess what? She delivers. I am going to make this a short one cause I think if you are a big cuckold fan you need to check this site out for your self right now. Stop reading my blog and go to NOW. After Candy takes it in every hole from a 11″ black bull cock, she takes his giant black load right onto her all natural tits. They’re covered. And instead of opening the pantry door to wipe off with paper towels, or wet naps or whatever, she open a secret door where she keeps her black cum mop. What’s a black cum mop you ask? Well, how about her white boyfriend Billy. This little cucky boy is wearing a diaper cause he’s so weak. Candy opens the door, let’s him out and then does the unthinkable. She uses his face as a black cum mop. She smears it all over her cum covered tits until poor cuckold Billy’s face is full of jizz. And you can tell by the look on his face he’s not happy. But by the look on Candy’s face, she doesn’t give a fuck! Enjoy!


Wow, I am addicted to Candy, that’s all I can say. The cuckold movies on her site are some of the best that I have seen made. And I have paid for member ships to a lot of cuckold sites in my day. So today, I grabbed a couple pictures from the secret members area of and put them here on my site. These movies start out with Candy talking leisurely walk with her boyfriend down the streets of her home town. Her and her man walk past a couple of ghetto looking brothers, prolly from the wrong side of the tracks, and of course, Candy is drooling over them. So much so, that Candy’s white boyfriend doesn’t even notice that Candy has stopped to check out the guys as he continues to walk to the ice cream shop. He finally figures out he’s by himself and turns around to see her talking to the colored fellas.

012.jpg 022.jpg

So Candy talks these guys into coming back to her place so she can take care of them like a good black cock slut. But what is she to do with her white boyfriend? Why make him the cuckold of course. So as these 2 ghetto thugs take turns invading every hole that Candy calls her own, the cuckold just sits and watches, listens and absorbs everything that is going on. He starts getting off on the sound of his white girlfriend getting filled out by black studs. Something every cuckold man would be excited over. Meanwhile, the black guys are ravaging Candy.

032.jpg 042.jpg

Finally we get to the good part. The black guys are about to cum. They each take turns dumping gallons of black seed all over her pretty white face and the boyfriend is watching in amazement. After Candy is all covered in black cum, she needs to be cleaned up. “Oh Cuck Boy! Come clean my face”. Does he reach for a wet nap, a napkin or atleast use his hand to wipe off the black seed from his darling’s face? Of course not. He uses the tool he was intended to use. His mouth. He begins to kiss her cum covered face, and slurping the cum up like a good little cuck boy. All I can say is A+++ DogFart!


Candy Monroe and White Cuckold

The boys over at DogFart have started up a brand new site. As you well know, all of their sites are interracial themed. is an interracial site forsure, but it’s an interracial cuckold site. So the fans of my blog will be extra excited to see this one. Candy is one tough cookie. She dominates all her submissive cuckold loser boys that want to be with her. She know they can’t satisfy her thirst for big cock, but she likes to tease them. She like to make them watch her have sex with well hung black men. And she takes on some of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen.

Candy Monroe looking hot

This scene shows her with an older white male, obviously playing the part of the cuckold, who worships the ground Candy Monroe walks on. She of course doesn’t give a shit about his tiny white cock so she brings in a big black dick to fuck her while the white cuckolds watches and gets humiliated. I know this, Candy Monroe is one hot piece of ass. I would be her submissive cuckold any time. Good work DogFart. Another winning site.



Hey fans! Cuckold Joe here with a brand new scene for y’all. Meet Tyann… I’m not sure what type of name that is, but whatever. Tyann is in the construction biz. And apparently she likes to cheat on her husband. But she has some remorse about it. So she tells her husband about her cheating, and you know what? He’s cool with it. So the guys at lined up a stud come help take Tyann’s fantasy one step further. Tyann is going to make her husband a cuckold. That’s right. Hubby has to sit back and watch while his hot wife gets plugged by some guy she met “clubbing”. Hubby is cool with it. In fact he thinks it will turn him on.


So after we take our friend “Barry” to the spot where hubby and Tyann are waiting for us, we have some small talk. Nothing important and then hubby is ready to be a cuckold for the first time. We sit hubby down and let Barry strip down Tyann. Tyann has a nice rack on her, and a nice ass to go with it. Hubby is sitting and watching from the sofa as Tyann pulls out Barry’s cock and starts sucking on it. You can tell Tyann hasn’t had some decent cock in a while now. After a few minutes of sucking, Tyann bends over and tells Barry to take her, but she wants to look at her husband while she is getting fucked.


Tyann’s pussy is so tight, it’s probably because her hubby hasn’t pleased her in months. But Barry knows how to take care of a lonely wife. And her knows that all wives love to get their faces blasted with cum… by anyone besides their husbands. So after Barry blows a huge load on her face, hubby gets so turned on from watching his wife get off from another man’s cock that he wants to take her home and fuck her right away. I’m telling you guys, a cuckold experience can save a marriage!



Angela is one hot young wife. Her and hubby have only been married a short while. Hubby landed a lucrative job in a nice firm. He gets to spoil her the way she wants. But one day his asshole boss comes in talking about how hot his wife is and his fascination with fucking her. Then it gets worse, hubby’s boss demands a fuck from his wife. Hubby has to become a cuckold?

cuckold pic

What is he going to do? So he approaches his wife about the “proposition”. Angela get pretty pissed off, but just to spite the fact that hubby even asked, she is going to fuck the boss. Not to help the CUCKOLD hubby, but to help her self.

cuckold pic 2

She is getting pretty tired of hubby’s cock and needs something more. It doesn’t matter who, just as long as it’s infront of hubby. And it looks like Angela gets her wish!

cuckold pic 3


They always say that redheads are hotter and hornier than most other babes and that sure does apply to Shannon. Not only has she got the perfect body but she’s got a real hunger to try some more cock that just what her loving husband can give her … and she’s really hungry for some black cock. Will her husband let this happen? Will he become… a CUCKOLD?!


Having a huge black cock is something she has wanted to try even before she got married but she’s a good and faithful wife and didn’t want to cheat on Joe. But ever since they have gotten married, the urge to cheat has become harder and harder to resist. Then one day while she and Joe were on holiday Shannon happened to let slip that she’d like to try black cock. Joe, the soon to be cuckold, said he didn’t mind at all! Shannon got the green light!


Joe works in a paper distribution plant. He has a nice office job and makes 6 figures each year. He was trying to figure out where he could find a strong black man to satisfy his wife. Then he remembered… he rushed down stairs to the shipping department and pulled a truck loader named Tyrell aside. “Hey man, you like white bitches”. I’m sure you know the answer to this one. Tyrell agreed to fuck Joe’s wife and make Joe a cuckold for the fist time.


Could you handle the sight of your sexy wife getting reamed and creamed like this?


Kayla is really rather embarrassed, not that she needs to be though. She’s not a “whore” and she really does love her husband, the cuckolds hubby, but she has been curious about other men. Black men in particular. She’s fed his fantasies by letting him have a threesome so now she wants to have her turn and her cuckold husband has arranged it all for her. He works out at a gym in a “bad part of town” and asked one of his gym buddies if he would be interested. Of COURSE he was. Hubby can’t wait till when Kayla sees the size of the cock that she’s going to get. It will be the best gift he can ever get her. A cuckold fantasy that comes true.


Of course that cock is going to do more than just shock her; it’s going to stretch her pussy and ass wider than they’ve ever been stretched before and it’s going to fuck her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. And this busty babe is going to make more noise than she’s ever made before while that big black cock reams her and drives one wild orgasm after another through her hot body. The whole time, her cuck of a husband watches and gets off watching his wife get railed by a huge black cock. That’s the sign of true love. Becoming a cuckold for you wife. That’s the ultimate sign of love. Letting your wife bang another man… especially a well hung black man.


While she’s getting fucked out of her skull her husband is going to be watching and enjoying the sights and the sounds of his wife getting what she has always craved for. But will that really satisfy her craving? If she is like most white females, the answer is no. And she will be begging her hubby to be the cuckold again in the future. And most wives get what they want. I’m sure your wife wants a big black cock too, why not be a real man and let her have one. She will love you more for it!


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