White Doggy Cuckold!

Now I bet you are looking at this Spring Thomas cuckold movie and asking your self WTF is this? Great question. This is one of Spring Thomas’ fans. He loves cuckolds. BUT doesn’t want the world to know about it. So this white cuckold puts on a super creepy gas mask so he can watch. And he gets a GREAT show to watch.

It all starts with Spring referring to the cuckold as the “white doggy”. And then pulls out a tennis ball and just starts throwing it for the doggy to retrieve. So he does it! And then Spring requests a few barking sessions from the white doggy. So you hear “Ruff! Ruff!” No wag your tail little doggy. And it’s done. His white ass just starts shaking back and forth! It’s great! From there Spring decides that the doggy has been good and decides it’s time to strip for him. So she begins to undress.

About this time a very well hung black fellow come in. And the white doggy takes a seat in the back to watch the fun start. So, let’s recap. A white dude, only wearing a gas mask, one hot naked teen, Spring Thomas, and now a very healthy black man. Does it get nuttier? Well yes, I am glad you asked. It in fact gets much, much more disturbing. Every name in the book is thrown out. On both sides, and white doggy throws out a ruff, ruff every now and then from the peanut gallery. Spring does oral, anal, and even a cream pie!