Jasmine Cuckold

Dude, this is a fucking off-the-hook scene. See that hot blonde? That is Jasmine Tame. Now see the dude with the mask on? That is the white cuckold! He loves just sitting and watching his wife enjoy 20″ or more of black cock. Why you ask? That’s like asking why sea gulls fly, and why dogs sniff asses… it’s just natural. Now being a cuckold is not something that is for everyone. It takes some serious skill and dicipline. You can’t do anything but watch, you can’t freak out when the chick screams a certain way for black dick cause she loves the size. And you most definitly cannot leave. Or you will never see your gal again.

While wearing the really creepy mask, Jasmine Tame’s man gets to watch an awesome show.Not only do 2 very well hung black man take her to town, but one of them is Sylvio. Sylvio has been in the business for a while now and knows how to handle white women. So Sylvio and his buddy just tear Jasmine Tame apart. But she fucking loves every minute of it. You can just tell she has never screamed the way she did while fucking these 2 bruthas. The whole time, the puny cuckold watches. Oh yeah, he strokes his little dick a bit too.

After a really really long pounding, Sylvio and co. are ready to unload their seed. And no on Jasmine Tame either. A plate is fetched and set on her tits. So while Sylvio is pounding away, he build up his black seed count. And pulls right out to cum all over the black plate. Now comes black bull #2. Again all over the plate. For the finale, Jasmine takes the plate, and licks off every last drop of cum. The whole time her hubby in the corner watching. Perfectly Happy.

So enjoy Jasmine Tame!

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