Continued from the previous post…

When the 2 met, I could see the lightbulb shine over my wife’s head. She had a great idea. She would flirt with this cat for a little while, seduce him to coming back to my place while I am not looking, and have me walk in on him at the right time.
As you can tell we have successfully set up a cuckold before.
She set up the trap and our new neighbor Mr. J took the bait. After a few beers, I put on the “I am so drunk act” and starting playing pool with the other guys in the bar. About 30 minutes later my wife and Mr. J had dissappeared.
I quietly left the table, paid for the drinks and headed home. I knew by the time I walked they would have already started.
I opened the door and heard the load moaning and “jive talk” coming from the kitchen. When I passed through the hallway and approached the island I see Mr. J about 9 inches into my wife. He jumped back and yelled “Yo man, it ain’t what you think!”

continued tomorrow