SPring and Mandingo

Here is a little something that may make you folks happy. Now it isn’t a cuckold, but I thought it was something you would all still love. This clip is the second time Spring Thomas and Mandingo meet. If you don’t know who Mandingo is, then shoot yourself, then go to google and do a search. That’s what it is there for. He is the biggest dick in porn, not meaning he is a mean guy, but that he has the largest member in the business. Some people say it’s Lex, but it really is Mandingo.

And by this time everyone knows who Spring Thomas is. The interracial only teen. She has done about 3 scenes that were with white guys (good luck finding those). All the rest are interracial. And most are with the most well hung bruthas in the Biz. Mandingo being the king.

Now this being the second time that Spring and Mandingo have met, Spring knows what to expect. And she does a killer second scene with this black cock monster. She almost can swallow his whole dick. That is saying a lot too. So after some fancy BJ work, they move to the fucking. Now most girls would be scared to do this. Spring takes it like a champ. After a few minutes, she is sitting all the way down on it! She is taking the whole dick in her teen pussy. Good for her too.

Now for the doozie… the money shot. I could go into details, but that would ruin the suprise. Sort of like a trailer for a movie. They don’t tell what happens, and I don’t think I should either. Check this mutha out for your self. Mandingo and Spring, simply breath taking!