Ok. I have a great story to tell. I am so excited that I want to just rush and get to the end. In fact I will do that. We will go Tarintino on this one. So here’s how it ends… “What will you do when the baby ends up being black”
So now let’s rewind. I am at the local Pub n’ Grub. Pounding a few brews with my wife, although she is playing pool with some random barfly’s when I notice a strange black man in the back of the bar. He’s never been here before. Then I look closer and see it’s Mr. Jackson, the new guy in town. Moved in 3 days ago… The ol’ Flemming’s place. Nice house too. I think it made a few of the guys on the block jealous. A black man moving in so close and into such a nice house. He was an old pro basketball player. Tall guy, sorta famous too. Nice car, nice house and I am sure a 10″ cock to add to it.
So after I recognize him, I decide to be a good neighbor and order him a drink. I send the bartender over with a Heineken. Give him the friendly nod and turn to finish my beer. Free cuckolds. Out of the corner of my eye I notice him get up and head my way. And at the same time I see my wife head my way too. They get there at the same time. My wife plows into Mr. J, kocking his free beer all over his clothes. She just laughs.”I see you’re working on bringing me home a present”, hiccups my wife.
“Hun, this is Mr. J”
continued tomorrow…