Please Bang My Wife

HI REZ CUCKOLD PICS! That’s right folks. Sometimes I love movies, and other times I like to see every bump around the babe’s nipple. Sometimes I want to see every wrinkle on a cuckold‘s face. And in these hardcore cuckold pics, I get just that. Super high resolution and really reall nice color.

So let’s take it from the start. In this scene our babe, has been married for some time now and is getting a bit bored with her hubby. Totally understandable right? So she decides to tell him about it, hoping he won’t flip and he doesn’t. Which is a good thing. Now the question is, who to bring in? A friend? The next door neighbor? Who should be the new stud in her life? They decide on a random bar jock. Not a bad choice. Not much to get jealous over.

So they find the right guy, do some fancy talking, and drink buying, then end up at the lover’s nest. And you can tell the cuckold is hesitent, but the stud is anxious! So a few minutes of some fore play and some nice panty exposing (like the pic I have here) and we are on the way. The wife LOVES every minute of this. And although this isn’t a ture cuckold scene since the hubby gets involved too, it’s just as hot. You can also tell which man the wife likes better. And here’s a clue, it ain’t her hubby! lol.

Some heavy sucking n’ fucking goes down. Some doggy. Some standing, but all of it is really HOT! And just wait till the end. 2x’s the goop makes everything better. As an after thought I wonder if the relationship was stringer after this rendezvous.