Ever see a dude who looks like a total douchebag, but he has a total hottie on his arm? I see this all the time. A perfect example of a guy that either has millions of dollars or a huge dick is Angelica’s husband, too bad neither of those are true. We don’t know HOW he scored a babe like Angelica. One look at him and you just know why this babe is consumed with wild fantasies of fucking other guys and why her hubby is destined to be a cuckold hubby.


Angelica saw an ad in her local city magazine that said “make money fast”. Like most hot wives with douchy husbands, she was looking for a way to make ends meet. When she called and spoke to our directors in more detail she was very excited. She could make money fast, and get to have sex with a total opposite of her hubby… a good looking, well hung BLACK MAN! So of course Angelica accepted the offer and her husband was ready to be a cuckold.


Poor Julius, I don’t think he quite knew what he was agreeing to when he agreed to let Angelica get boned by our man and his monster black meat. It’s funny how the money can seem like a great idea to some guys until their lady wraps her lips around some other guy’s cock. But Julius did a nice job, it takes a very special guy to be able to watch his wife get fucked by someone with assets he himself does not, nor ever will, possess. So kudos to Julius too, a cuckold that finally did something to help out his wife. Now she knows what black cock tastes and feels like and Julius is a cuck boy.


Just like 99% of the women out there, Tiffany has always wanted to get a taste of a big BLACK dick. Tiffany is married. It’s not a gimmick either. Her and Dallas exchanged vows and swore themselves to each other. Until now. Although Dallas agreed to let Tiffany fulfill her fantasy, he is starting to get second thoughts. Just like and sissy cuckold would. It’s tough for him to can see his sexy wife sitting beside a big black stud… there’s just a hint of jealousy creeping into his mind.

But since Dallas already agreed, he’s sort of stuck in a situation. Should he go through and let his wife experience the power of black cock, or should he say no now and risk losing his wife forever? With their wedding anniversary coming up, and not yet having bought a present he uses this fantasy as his gift to her. It will be the best present she’s ever had. And Dallas will get to be the sissy cuck boy he never thought he would be!


Gwen DiamondGwen Diamond
Gwen Diamond @
My name is Gwen Diamond and like my shirt says, I LOVE DICK. That’s why I’m a porn star. That’s why I’m a slut. That’s why I’m a whore. That’s why I’m at Today I get paid to jerk a huge dick until my pretty face is turned into a slimy mess. But they wouldn’t have had to pay me, honestly. I do slutty things for free…which makes me a slut. (When I get paid, I’m a whore.) I’m such a slut today that jerking a dick isn’t enough for me. I jerk it after I get off from my vibrators (one in my pussy and one on my clit) and then I leave one in my dripping wet twat WHILE I jerk the guy off. What till you see what he gave me! He destroyed my face with his thick white load!! MWAH! Gwen
Gwen DiamondGwen Diamond

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Kylie Worthy
Kylie Worthy @
Hello Boys. My name is Kylie Worthy, and today I am giving a seminar called The Art of the Handjob. It’s a hands-on class, and as I instruct today I’ll use an 11 inch dick to illustrate my techniques. I go over various stroke methods, as well as proper handling of the penis and what to do as it unloads a massive wad. I think you’ll love my class. You’ll note, too, that during the cum shot lesson our dick does, indeed, drop about a gallon of cum all over my MILF titties. He got it on my face, too. And all over my arms, hands, and legs. I should have probably had a post-pop clean up lesson, too…but I’m sure your gal already knows about that! HAHA – XOXO – Kylie

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Happy Halloween!!!


This is a true story and explains how I have become totally subservient to my wife and her black lover(s). I know it is hard to understand how one can get into these situations; suffice it to say, I ‘need’ her. I AM a real life cuckold.

My wife Tracy is a lovely natural blonde, and over the years we have had a good, normal sex life. She has muscles in her pussy that can milk a cock with no movement by the male. I have never been able to make Tracy cum with my cock, only orally, and when she does cum, there is no doubt she has arrived. It hasn’t mattered if I lasted 10 minutes or 30, I could not get her there with my cock. I have an average cock 7 – 7 1/2″, so I don’t think that is/was the problem. Tracy is 37 at present, and as stated, a natural blonde with breasts that turn up with larger than average nipples.

Over the years we have had many fantasies during our love making, to include sending my wife out to pick up men, young studs, and black men. Often times she would verbally enter into my fantasy and get ‘hot’ during our lovemaking session but never follow through. My philosophy has always been that any women will go down if the conditions are right, but I could never get her to implement any fantasy other than during our lovemaking. I always ‘thought’ I would like to see her with other men; little did I know how it would end up.

We attended a party in our complex, mostly married couples, but a single black man (Eric) was in attendence. It wasn’t like Eric was the only black, just the only single black. Tracy likes to dress sexily, and had worn sheer black nylons, short skirt – mid thigh, and a sweater without bra. As she was getting dressed, I tried to get some pussy as she looked just edible. She brushed me off as we were running a little late, but I commented that she was going to knock’em dead when we got there.

The party was in full swing when we arrived, dancing in progress and the booze was flowing. I am not a fast dancer, preferring the close-in type, and Tracy loves to ‘move’ on the floor. We got ourselves a drink, and the music was very good with a driving beat that she began swaying and moving to as she sipped her drink. One of our friend’s husband who knew I didn’t like to fast dance came up and asked Tracy to dance which she readily did. She looked ‘good’ on the floor, putting extra moves into her dancing, and many male eyes were on her just as I’d told her while we were getting dressed. You could see ‘want’ in the males’ eyes, and ‘come and get me’ in Tracy’s eyes. I was proud of her and had the makings of a slight hardon as I watched.

As the party wore on, Tracy danced many fast dances with various friends, and she and I usually did the slow dances. She was feeling no pain by now and was enjoying the ‘sexual play’ she encountered while dancing with others. I was back at the bar area and looked out on the floor to see her fast dancing with Eric. I had never seen her dance with a black man and the contrast was striking. They were both into the dance, gyrating sexually and people were beginning to stop and watch as they really got into the dance. It was like they were trying to communicate each others desire for the other. As the dance came to culmination, I felt my cock pulse and was surprised to find I had a full hardon. Tracy sauntered over and backed into my arms, feeling my cock as she did so. She asked what had me turned on, and I replied she was beautiful as she danced. She smiled, and said, and what else… I asked her who the black man was and she said his name was Eric, and then said, God he is beautiful! I was shocked to hear her say that because I had never heard her say that about another man since we had been married.

Just then a slow dance came on, and since I was in no condition to get up, I couldn’t participate. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eric approaching. He came up and said to Tracy, let’s dance; as I looked up at Eric his eyes were the most penetrating I’ve ever seen and I could not hold his stare. He hadn’t asked me “if” he could dance with Tracy, his eyes more or less ‘told’ me. She didn’t ask me either, just went with him to the floor and melted into his arms. My cock was as hard as a rock as I watched them move slowly and sensually around their little area of the floor. I saw Eric with both arms around her back, and Tracy had hers around his neck and snuggled as close as one can get. I made a decision right then that I had to stop this and get out of there. I decided to tell Tracy I didn’t feel well and we needed to go home. When they got back, Eric again stared me down prior to walking away.

I told Tracy I didn’t feel well, and I’d like to go home. She said, leaning into my rock hard cock, It feels to me like you feel OK, Nick. She told me she didn’t want to go home, but if I wasn’t feeling well to go ahead and she would follow in a while. I had trapped myself, and while we were arguing about whether or not she would go with me, Eric again came up to ask her to dance. Tracy told Eric I wasn’t feeling well and that I wanted her to go. She said she had suggested I go and she would follow later. Eric looked coldly at me, and said, go ahead and go home… I will get Tracy home, and then he smirked with a slight smile. With that he ‘took’ Tracy by the arm and led her to the dance floor. I felt totally lost and humiliated, and left to walk the few doors to our apartment.

When I got home all I could think of were visions of Eric and Tracy and my cock stayed hard. I had to relieve myself. I finally fell into a fitful sleep, and around 4 a.m. I heard a rustling at the door and came instantly awake. I heard lowered voices and tiptoed out to the hall to listen. There is a hallway mirror that shows the front door, so not only could I hear, I could see. What I saw, rocked me; Eric had Tracy in his arms and they were kissing passionately. He broke the kiss, and told her he wanted to see her again and she responded, anytime Eric. I returned to bed, crushed but noticing that I again had a raging hardon. As Tracy came in, she quietly undressed and crawled into bed. I faked slowly waking up, asking her what time it was… she said 4 – 4:30. I asked her where she’d been and she said Eric had wanted to show her his place. She made no pretense of not going with him, and I began to feel scared for what I knew was coming. I asked her why she went to his place, and she said, what do you think? As she said that, she reached over and felt my cock, then said, it feels like you ‘know’ what you think happened. I said, did it happen? She said, why don’t you find out, Nick.

I reached over and turned on the lamp, then pulled the covers back and looked at Tracy in total nudity. She slowly and sexily spread her legs, looking me in the eye as she did so. Her pussy was a mushy mess to say the least. There was definite evidence of her being freshly fucked, and worst of all she made no move to hide the fact. I said, Eric? She responded, yes, and it was wonderful. He fucked me like you never have and never will, and he will fuck me again. Taste it Nick, I know you want to. I lowered my mouth, mesmerized, and slowly inserted my tongue, moaning with desire. My cock erupted without touching it as I lapped up the cum filled pussy of my wife. After cleaning her thoroughly I moved up to slide my cock into her and Tracy closed her legs. I said, please Tracy, I want to make love to you. She said, not now Nick, we will talk tomorrow, right now I want to go to sleep. She said it with a finality that I knew. I went to my side of the bed and spent a sleepless night.


I got up at 7 making myself a pot of coffee; Tracy got up around 11 and went direct to the shower. She came out in her housecoat and matter of factly told me to make her some fresh coffee. This was unusual for her to ‘tell’ me to do something. When I called her on it, she told me she’d be doing a lot more ‘telling’ in the future. I was quickly beginning to fear what was coming. After having her coffee, she went to our home office and I heard her on the phone. I snuck down the hall and soon discovered she was talking to Eric and it sounded like they were making plans for that evening. I shuddered, and realized I was semi-hard just thinking of her and Eric together again. When she came out from the phone Tracy nonchantly told me that Eric would be coming over this evening and we were going to have a talk. I asked what about, and she just said I’d have to wait. She saw a lump in the front of my pants, and told me I just as well go and take care of myself because she was not giving me any pussy. I asked her why, and she said Eric would tell me.

Eric came over around 7 and when the doorbell rang Tracy told me to answer the door. I opened the door and Eric walked right by me as if I wasn’t even there, going directly to Tracy and kissing her full on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and I could see tongue from both of them. My cock had a mind of its own and was rock hard. I hated that fact because I did not want them to see my predicament. They broke their kiss and they went over to the couch and sat down side by side. Eric looked at me and told me to come kneel before them. I said what for… Eric very calmly told me: if you ever even want to smell your wife’s pussy you will do as I say, white boy. His eyes bore into me and I was afraid. I walked over and knelt before them. Tracy looked contemptously at me and asked why my little dick was hard. I said I didn’t know and she laughed. She told me to unzip Eric’s pants, I hesitated, and Eric said ‘DO IT’. I reached out and unzipped his pants and soon discovered he was not wearing any underwear. His cock popped out and was growing as I knelt before them. Eric then began a slow dissertation about how he had fucked Tracy the night before like she had never been fucked, and that he was going to be taking care of her from this day forward. He said, you white boy will not be allowed to put your cock into your wife any longer. You ‘will’ be able to use your tongue on her ‘when she wants you to’, and you will do as she says. When my lease is up the end of this month, I am moving my things into this place. You will no longer be allowed to sleep in the master bedroom other than to attend to our needs.

I was stunned by all this but my cock was hard and they both noticed. Eric told me to take ahold of his cock and stroke it to full length. I didn’t know how to act… while I’ve been with men during my lifetime, never in front of Tracy and I guess I was afraid how she would act. He told Tracy to get undressed as I was going to insert his cock. She got up and removed her clothes and we went towards the bedroom. Tracy lay down and spread her legs and Eric climbed between her beautiful spread thighs. His cock is 11″ according to him and looked every inch that long and was thick. He told me to take ahold of it and slide it up and down Tracy’s pussy. I did as I was told and could see her pussy lips were very wet. Then he said that was enough; I could now watch a real man take care of a woman the way she should be taken care of. He told me to kneel beside the bed and watch. My cock ached as I watched him penetrate my wife. Their skin contrast was so stark as to be shocking. Tracy’s legs wrapped around Eric and she was taking him at full length very quickly. She was cooing and tonguing him as best she could. He drove his cock into her with passion and it was a beautiful sight to see.

She looked me straight in the eye and told me how wonderful it felt. I lowered my eyes knowing I was in trouble. Eric’s cock began pulsing and he drove deeply into her and shot several spurts, then pulled out and shot more on her tits, and stomach. There was a trail from her breasts down her stomach, in her pussy hair and her pussy was splayed open with sperm everywhere. He told me to get a warm rag and wipe him off which I did. He then told me to look at Tracy. While I did so, he again told me to not even think of fucking her again… she would be taken care of by the superior species from this day forward. Then he said to get between her legs and clean her with my tongue. I did so, his cum being like white rope, very stringy. I gagged a little and they just laughed at me.

This has now been going on for 6 1/2 months. Eric lives at our place, his friends come over on occasion, and he has had Tracy service a couple of them also. He will not let a white man fuck her though. He does have some white friends who come over, but he only allows other black men to sex her. I am getting tired of the situation, but Tracy informs me she is totally satisfied and sorry she hadn’t discoverd black sexing many years before.


Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!
Alexa, Again! @
Well guys, I’m back. Let’s see…if I’m not mistaken, last time a jacked off a guy who was hung like a horse. He was my patient on the massage table, and I was the LMT. Today I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of my LMT outfit, I put on something hot and sexy. Then, I played with my sopping wet snatch before jerking off another donkey dick. Where do the Manojob guys find all these enormous dicks for the girls to jerk off? I mean really! It’s amazing! What’s even more amazing is the load this dude popped off. Giant! All over the place! And in my EAR! That’s right…I got an EARFUL of LOAD. HAHA. Hot, huh? I know you’re gonna love it! XOXO – Alexa
Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!

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Gianna @
Dear Manojob Member:

My name is Gianna, and today I stroke off a dick for your viewing pleasure. You might have seen some of my work. I’m all over the place! Anyway, today at Manojob I talk dirty to you, and then I play with my pussy before the stunt cock walks on set. I jerk it, and, since my natural tits are so huge, I go ahead and tit fuck that dick, too. I mean I know this is a handjob site, but I love it when a rock hard dick is fucking my huge tits. Did I mention my tits don’t have a drop of silicone in them? 🙂 Wait till you see them covered with man milk!

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In the early 90’s I worked at a fast food restaurant. Dan Jones and his wife Joan owned the business and they managed it together. Dan was the big cheese, the man in charge. He handled all the paperwork and payroll and shit like that. He was gone a lot but, when he was there, he worked the line just like the rest of us. He was talented, explosive and brutally frank at times, but we all respected and admired him. He never asked anybody to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do himself. All in all, Dan was a great guy to work for and I liked him. Later I came to find out that he was a cuckold.

Joan was the assistant manager and handled most of the day to day operations. She was nice looking, sexy, 27 year old workaholic with nice tits, great legs, and, a even greater ass. She flirted sometimes, teased occasionally, and even played eye games now and again, but, it was apparent to everyone that she worshipped the ground her husband walked on. She was a real nice lady, kind and thoughtful and sweet to everyone. Everybody loved her, including the customers. She was so nice that me, and a lot of other guys who lusted after her like I did, felt guilty about even thinking of her in that way. It didn’t stop us from wanting to fuck her but it did stop us trying anything. I knew she liked me but I never thought she liked me, or would she wasnt me to make her husband a cuckold. the way I liked her so I kept my desires to myself, eyeballing her and lusting for her when I had the chance but never anything overt or offensive. I was polite and respectful. I made her laugh when I could. I called her Mrs Jones when I spoke to her and never did anything to give her any idea that I wanted to fuck her brains out.


After they sold the restaurant in the mid-90’s, I lost track of them and didn’t see either of them again until 8 years later. Actually it was her I saw, walking on the downtown shopping mall. I didn’t approach her, but seeing her re-awakened my long standing desire for her. I followed her, watching her beautiful ass undulate down the mall, fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck her. If anything she looked even better than I remembered. I was on the verge of approaching her when she turned into the furniture store where she worked and disappeared from sight. I watched the store for awhile, wondering if I should go in. Finally, I did.

She was behind the sales counter and when she saw me, she remembered me right way. She was both surprised and delighted, giving me a big hug and asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing now and what had been going on in my life since she saw me last. We talked for a few minutes and then they got busy and she had to take care of business. She said how glad she was to see me, that she couldn’t wait to tell Dan, and, since I knew where she was, not to be stranger anymore. Then she returned to her duties and I left, with a half hard cock and the same aching desire to fuck her I had back in the restaurant days. I had the same hesitance, too. When we talked, the way she lit up every time she mentioned Dan, I knew she was still crazy about him, and just like the old days I felt guilty about lusting for her the way I did.


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Janice JamesJanice James
Janice James @
This is a true story: super-slut Lisa Sparxxx was hanging around the Manojob studios with a member of her family — her niece! Lisa had a scene to shoot, and her lil’ niece, Janice James, had nothing to do. We propositioned her with Lisa present, and then next thing you know scores huge with naughty first-time video gal Janice. She’s so girl-next-store it’s sick. Get this – she’s on a moral ethics scholarship in college, too. How much crazier does it get? Watch as she strokes off a total stranger until he blows his load right in her face! We can almost bet you’ll never see her on camera again…but with Lisa Sparxxx in the family, who knows!
Janice JamesJanice James

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Satine Phoenix
Satine Phoenix @
Hey Guys! I’m here to jerk a dick off using my smooth, silky hands. I’m Satine Phoenix, and I used to be a fetish model, until I came down south to Los Angeles. Now I’m a porn girl! And I love stroking dicks. Today I jerk a big one alright. Directly into the palm of my hand. All while talking dirty to you! Once I have the puddle of cum in the palm of my hand, I play with it. Sticky, gooey! HAHA. You’re gonna love this update! 🙂 XOXO – Satine

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